5 Killer Tips to Get (More) Blog Comments

Blog Feedback

“I’ve been blogging for a year, and I haven’t gotten any comment. What gives?”

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Did you experience shaking your head in frustration how come another blogger, newer than you, is able to attract comments? Did you ever feel nobody’s interested in your posts?

All bloggers have been through this phase. I am guilty of pushing my friends read my work, or at least visit my page. Of course that was before. And I couldn’t demand that they comment every time.

But that’s okay. You know it feels more fulfilling when you receive comments from strangers who believe in you.

You, too, can encourage people share thoughts on your work. Here are some tips that could get you blog comments.

Make it easy for your readers.

Have you ever felt so thrilled to say something about this awesome post you read?

Then, when you are about to post your comment, the captcha just drove you crazy. You decided to let go.

While your intention is to get rid of spammers attempting to infect your site, keep in mind that there are also readers who would just like to share some love.

You can always review comments and remove those you deem unnecessary, such as those blatantly selling irrelevant products. See to it that commenters would find it easy to get in. Do not give them a hard time. It will only put them off.

Leave a question.

One strategy to inviting comments is ending your post with a question.

Some readers just do not know what to say or how to say it, but are interested in leaving a message. Help them out by initiating a topic in which they can voice out their opinion. Initiate the talk and do respond when they reciprocate.

Ask for suggestions.

Aside from asking questions, you can also wrap up your post by encouraging readers to share their side of the story.

You have opened up about a story in your life and now it is time to hear from others. Share the spotlight with your readers. If they did share valuable information, thank them for it. It also pays that you visit other blogs and share your insights. This is also an opportunity for you to share you work to a wider audience.

Write for your readers.

Do you need to be famous to attract comments?

Do you need to be friends with someone influential to gain your own legion of followers? Should you have at least a thousand views to receive comments?

The answer to all these questions is no.

A typical mom sharing recipes that kids love, a regular employee who loves to write an essay during spare time, or a traveler who is always striving to keep up on a shoestring budget.

These people can attract comments as long as their post is informative and neat.  You too can do so.


Good or bad, comments are gems for bloggers.

They mean someone is listening to you. They show that someone appreciates your work. They are a proof that your writing resonates.

They wouldn’t take the time give feedback if they didn’t care. Show that you value their trust.

Respond to those asking you questions. If you do not know the answer, then be honest and admit it. Do not let negative comments get on your nerves rather understand where they are coming from.  The higher chances you will earn respect from readers if you know how to handle even the meanest of commenters.

So, how about you? How did you deal with a crude commenter on your page?

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