4 Ways to Choose a Blog Name Cuter Than a Kitten

Deciding what to name your blog can be frustrating, especially that you are hoping for a lot from it.

Right now, there are millions of domain names registered – from the familiar ones to mixed up, invented words. It isn’t impossible to find someone who has already thought of the exact name you happen to be thinking right now.

1- To stick with the known, or coin a name?

There’s nothing wrong coining a word. You will not be billed for it.

But remember it’s crucial that readers would be able to read the name of your blog easily.

Once they have been there on your site for  five minutes, and still are yet to figure how to properly pronounce your blog name then chances are they might just dismiss exploring your page, and worse, throw it into oblivion.

2- Making room for flexibility

The good thing with inventing names is that you do not get limited to a certain topic, subject or niche.

When you choose a word that is unrelated to what you are planning to discuss (initially) then you’ll have more room for expansion, with little to no adjustment to make on your blog name.

You, for instance, did not indicate that you will be talking about fashion alone so when time comes you want to discuss life lessons as well then, you can just go ahead and perhaps add another tab on your site.

Another advantage of making up names is that it’s original. You can claim it as yours and that it can only pertain to you and your blog or your business. No one else.

3- On the other side of the table

The only downside is that your name would not readily appear in keyword searches as it is not usually searched.

And when it pops on the screen, readers might overlook it because the title or name of the blog does not speak anything they know or are familiar about.  But if you want to leverage on curiosity to attracting readers, then this need not bother you.

4- For the basic requirement

It’s unique, but is it easily said?

When you can hardly pronounce the word, it wouldn’t work.

Readability is a prerequisite for recall. You want people to easily remember your website so make it easy for your visitors. Pick a blog name that may be unusual, but is pronounceable.

Additional Useful Tips:

  • Think simple. The simpler, the easier it is to recall.
  • Consider your niche. What type of blog are you planning to create? Are you aiming to produce one that caters to professionals, or one that speaks with working moms?
  • Check your competitors. Make sure that the name you are using for your blog is unique. Check out your competitors to make sure that you do not have the same name.
  • Register blog name. No more delaying on this. Let people know that your blog name is no longer available.
  • Match your domain and blog name. Make sure that your blog name matches that one on your URL to help with branding.
  • Create logo. Think of the graphics that come with the name you have chosen – from the font, its volume to the images on it – visualize everything. See if the design helps boost recall.
  • Never rush. Apply the same rules when you do your essay writing. You do not right away submit your final draft, right? You let it sit there and then go back the next day for another round of review. Do the same when you are thinking what to name your blog. Take a rest, then come back and ask yourself if the name still appeals to you the way it did when it first crossed your mind.

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