How to Write Clickable Headlines That Attract and Engage Readers

The headline is the most important part of your blog post. No matter the content format you’re using, crafting a great headline would go a long way to increase clicks, web traffic and sales.

You have to remember that creating exceptional content starts with the headline and should always be your primary focus.

SEO has changed in the past few years, and creating engagement with content is the new SEO buzzword. The headline is the first place to begin the engagement.

Before talking about the headline as a copywriting gem, it’s worth mentioning that you also have to optimize your headlines from an SEO perspective too.

I want to show you three smart ways to write a better SEO headline – let’s go:

1. Be Specific With Your Headline

The first thing you must do to drive your headline home is to be specific. Most of the time, you would be tempted to digress when writing the headline. Google search engine is looking for content that speaks to a specific group of people.

Be specific in the headline. If you’re writing to solve a particular problem (which you should), then get the message across immediately without confusing the reader. People who search for your particular term will likely click a headline that is specific – that answers one question.

You don’t have to solve every problem your audience is facing. It’ll be a fight in futility if you try to. So, challenge yourself to meet on particular need in your content. If you’ve several points to make, it’s ideal to create a new article and address that.

Just be specific. Google and your target audience would appreciate you better. And if the two parties are satisfied, you’ll attract more traffic, targeted leads and increase your sales quickly.

2. Inspire Someone To Take a Walk

Writing a great headline is an art. You have to continuously work to improve your writing skills, not only for the headline, but also for the introduction.

One of the steps to inspire search engine users to click and read your article is to ask questions. During the course of writing a copy for a real estate website, we discovered that people like intelligent questions.

Using questions can inspire people to click and read what you’ve for them. Research question-based keywords, and use them in your headlines. A good tip is to run the question through Google’s keyword tool and use the phrase that has the maximum keyword searches. For example, if you want to write a post targeted at students looking for scholarships, your headline could be “How To Get A Scholarship—Top Resources and Tips?

3. Add Hot Trends On Your Headline

If you spot something trending on social media forums (twitter hashtags, Facebook viral posts) and Google trends, use it to your advantage. A celebrity might be hot right now, don’t let them slip off – craft clickable and Google friendly headlines with it.

For example, let’s say you notice that #Dancing With The Stars’ is trending on Twitter, you could write a catchy headline for your dancing moves post using the trending phrase— “Learn To Dance Like The Stars On Dancing With The Stars.’

4. Juice-Up Your Headline

Even though headlines are important, you’ve to take it a step further by producing content that is informative and easy to use. It must help the reader in a special way.

Any article that doesn’t satisfy the reader is a failure, no matter how powerful the headline is. Therefore, juice-up your headline with exceptional content. Google and people would fall in love with your websites ultimately – See you ahead!

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