How Small Businesses can use Videos to Market their Products or Services

Video Advertising

Video content has become quite popular over time. It is expected to supersede the text formats in terms of user preferences. Because of their popularity, videos can be instrumental in marketing. They can easily engage the potential customers and that too across different platforms.

People Love Videos:

1- Twitter Reveals how video is becoming the fastest growing digital advertising tool. The number one reason people visit Twitter is to “discover something new and interesting.” With video, they can discover your content, brand, and message.
2- Did you know YouTube is the 2nd most visited website in the world? Source: (YouTube Facts). YouTube’s overwhelming growth in the past few years have proven it to be a highly effective platform for advertising to masses.

That is why videos can add more value for businesses in marketing their products/services. Here is how they can employ video marketing to attain their objectives:

1- Identify the Objectives

The efficacy of your video marketing relies heavily on the accurate identification of objectives. Determine what you want to achieve through this advertisement. The main goal of marketing through videos is to drive more traffic and let people know about your products. Pinpoint what you intend for your audience to get from the content.

Your video should cover three main points:

  1. Solution to a problem.
  2. Compatibility with the business goals.
  3. Measurable success outcomes.

Moreover, the video should always include the company’s unique selling point (USP). It should explain a new, interesting thing about your business every time.

2- Chalk Out a Well-Drafted, Clear Script

While video production is crucial, a script is critical for the success of video marketing. It needs to be simple, concrete, creative and well researched. Research implies here both of information and of the target audience’s preferences and interests. A good script keeps the viewers hooked and makes the video stay in people’s minds. It must include call-to-action, but it has to be subtle.

Remember that a video script has to be conversational and real. It is way different than writing conversational blogs and should be treated as such.

Check out a free video script template by HubSpot by clicking here.

3- Determine the Paraphernalia

Acquire the tools required to shoot a video properly. However, do not fixate on getting the best of the best in terms of tech-related products. Remember that being a small enterprise, you have a limited budget for marketing. And the video is just one prong of it.

So, make do with your existing webcam, camera, or even a cell phone (if it has a good camera). Get started by shooting live videos for Instagram and Facebook through your phone. When you start getting a good response and make ripples in the social media space, you can get a DSLR and other tools like audio recorders, lenses, mics, and so on. You also need video editing software and a studio if your budget allows that. However, most small businesses do not find a separate studio or expensive software feasible.

4- Be Mindful of the Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in shooting an impressive video. It should be neither too dark nor too bright. Try to go for a location with ample natural light. Be strategic with the lighting. If the light is too bright and coming from behind the subject, it might look like a silhouette. Try to place the camera where the light source is behind its back. If your room has weak lighting, use an additional light source like a lamp or desk light. Also, try to settle where the window is in the front to have balanced lighting. The quality of the video changes during the editing, so adjust accordingly. There are some free editing software like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie to add flair to your videos.

5- Get your Videos Indexed

The key to garnering more views is to get your videos indexed and ranked on Google. To achieve this, be strategic about the video hosting platform. If you want to improve brand awareness, Vimeo and YouTube are a better choice. However, these platforms would not get you direct traffic on the website. You can use a call-to-action in the video to generate traffic.

Integrate the videos on the main page of your website. It increases visitor engagement and can enhance conversions.

Bonus: Here are a couple of video types that can effectively market the products or services of a small business:
  • How-To Videos: Make educational videos like tutorials, DIYs, or any informative content in the niche relevant to your business.
  • Podcasts: Podcasts are both audio and video. Video podcasts are just like blogging, only with a video. There is either one speaker, or a Q&A session with guests, or a general discussion between multiple individuals.
  • Interview: Interview videos can be about the company’s staff, CEO, customers, and so on.

Do you know of any other video types that has helped your business to reach a wider audience? Feel free to share it in the comments!

Image credits: Exoclick blog.

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